Solidarity across Borders – Call for the Antirascist Demonstration through Rostock-Lichtenhagen!

25th August 2012 // 2pm // Lütten Klein Railway Station

20 years ago, pictures from Germany flickered around the world which were taken for past: houses on fire, fleeing people, a violent mob instructed by neo-fascist power brokers, an applauding audience, irresponsible persons responsible. An alliance of state-run xenophobia, hate campaigns by the media and everyday racism permitted, that Vietnamese contract workers and refugees, among them many Roma, had to fear for their life. The burning sun flower house became an alarming symbol for the united Germany.

Only some weeks after the pogrom, the basic right of asylum was repealed in the German parliament in a broad consensus. Neither the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) nor their branch “Hamburger Liste für Ausländerstop” (Hamburg list for foreigners stop) were banned, although they brought their hate campaigns to Rostock just before the pogroms. Until today there is no resolute fight against neo-fascist organisations and groups. At the same time antifascist pressure groups are being impeded and blackened as “extremist”.

Today the political discourse becomes further poisoned by the utilitarian thinking which is applied to human beings. The exclusion and stigmatization of migrants and refugees are still strongly enshrined in the centre of society. “Fortress Europe” and the deportation camp Horst in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern represent this.

Against this we now and then set up solidarity with the victims of institutional and everyday racism. We demonstrate for the basic right of asylum, for participation of all human beings in the wealth, for the social and democratic rights of all here and everywhere.

Our demands:
Stop deportation, residence requirement and prohibition of work!
Stop persecution of Roma in Eastern Europe and everywhere!
No tolerance for fascist ideology and violence!
Dresden, Rostock, Dortmund, all cities from Nazis!
Stop criminalization of antifascists and anti-racists!

Against racism – for solidarity across borders!

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